Study highlights poor job quality for essential workers


The Eurofound research agency has published a policy brief which underlines the need to tackle poor job quality among a range of essential occupations, including in the health and care, food systems, cleaning and refuse, transport and protective services sectors, along with manual workers in general. The report argues that these workers’ health and well-being were at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to be post-pandemic contributing to the labour shortages that persist in these sectors. The policy brief says that critical occupations facing staff shortages, such as jobs in health and care, can be made more attractive to workers by improving job quality and bringing their pay into line with their value to society. The report also maintains that many groups of critical workers are in occupations and sectors that are highly imbalanced in terms of gender. It argues, therefore, that the improvement of job quality and the development of sustainable work practices is key to supporting the creation of a more diverse workforce and enlarging the pool of potential workers.  

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