Health union takes strike action for a 30% salary increase

Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 2 November, around 4,000 health workers in the southern canton of Herzegovina-Neretva began strike action in support of a demand for a 30% salary increase over the next two years. During the strike action only urgent cases are being admitted to the facilities affected. The workers’ union blames the government for the poor state of the health sector and low salaries and is committed to striking until a comprehensive collective agreement is signed. The cantonal government appointed a negotiation team to address the workers' demands. Despite a tentative agreement to a 30% salary increase, concerns were raised over the estimated cost of €25 million, deemed unrealistic by the government. In a subsequent development, the health workers' union met with the cantonal prime minister and health minister to discuss the current healthcare situation, demands of the health workers, and a commitment from the prime minister to assess the possibility of funding the collective agreement. While optimism was expressed for a swift resolution and a potential end to the strike next week, the union reiterated the need for an official offer on paper before making a final decision. The strike continues at full capacity until a concrete agreement is reached.

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