Civil servants finally see benefits of collective agreement


Public service union ver.di has welcomed the fact that the federal government has finally confirmed that the April 2023 collective agreement for employees in federal and local government should now be applied retroactively to federal civil servants, judges, soldiers and pension recipients. The union has been frustrated about such a long delay at a time of high costs for food, energy and housing. It wants to ensure that at the end of the current negotiations covering employees in regional government, its provisions are applied immediately to the 1.4 million civil servants and 1 million pension recipients in the sector. However, so far the employers in the those negotiations have refused to make this guarantee. Ver.di notes that civil servants are increasingly taking part in actions and demonstrations to try to ensure a better collective bargaining result which should then apply to them. Civil servants do not have the right to strike and so only join protests in their free time. On 22 November, regional government workers will join rallies organised by ver.di in Hamburg and Berlin not just in support of the general demand for a 10.5% pay increase but also for a special allowance for workers in the city states of Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin. 

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