Pay rises for workers in religious and sports organisations


The Kommunal municipal service workers’ trade union continues to negotiate collective agreements with a wide range of employers in a busy bargaining round. Workers in church and religious organisations are now covered by a new agreement running from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2025 while the agreement covering those in the sports sector applies from 1 November 2023 to 31 October 2025. In both cases the pay increases are in line with the main labour market trend. In the religious organisations there will be average salary increases of SEK 1037 (€89) this year and SEK 961 (€83) next year, with specific amounts allocated individually. Minimum wage rates increase by SEK 1,350 (€116) to SEK 23,850 (€2049) this year and by SEK 961 (€83) to SEK 24,811 (€2131) next year. The agreement says that individual salary negotiations between manager and employee must be documented in writing by both parties. It also encourages employers to offer each employee one wellness hour per week during paid working hours. In the sports sector full-time employees will see salaries rise by SEK 1,177 (€101) this year and by SEK 986 (€85) in 2024. There are age-related minimum salaries beginning at SEK 16,446 (€1413) (2023) and SEK 17,432 (€1497) (2024) for 16-year-olds to SEK 26,240 (€2254) (2023) and SEK 27,226 (€2338) (2024) for those aged 20.

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