ETUC calls for action on low pay to tackle labour shortages


The European Confederation of Trade Unions (ETUC) is calling on employers to offer better-paid jobs to end damaging labour shortages across Europe. An analysis of job vacancy rates and wages in 22 EU countries by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) reveals that industries with the worst labour shortages pay 9% less on average than sectors where it’s easier to recruit. The ETUC argues that lack of skills is often seen as the main problem, but the new analysis suggests that low pay is one of the main drivers of labour shortages. The ETUI research found that across the EU, the industries finding it hardest to recruit workers paid 9% less on average than those least affected by the labour shortage and in 13 of the 22 EU member states for which data is available, the sectors where labour shortages grew most between 2019 and 2022 also offered the lowest wages.

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