Additional pay rises in mental health care


The FNV trade union has negotiated a 10% pay rise for the 100000 workers in mental health care on top of the pay increases already set in the current collective agreement. Mental health workers themselves had supported the union’s demands by starting a petition that got more than 10000 signatures in a very short space of time. There will be an additional salary increase of 5% in 2023 (minimum €150) on top of the previously agreed 2% (minimum €60). There will be a 2% wage increase (minimum €60) in 2024, followed by an additional 5%, 4% of which is structural (minimum €120) and 1% is one-off and based on the number of hours worked in the month of payment. The extra salary increase will also be passed on to allowances, such as holiday and end-of-year bonuses.

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