Unions mobilising over pay in mental health and eldercare


The FNV is seeking pay rises for workers in both the mental health and eldercare sectors with actions planned for this month. In eldercare, on 12 May, the union has organised an online “talk show” bringing together politicians, employers and workers to discuss how to make the sector more attractive. On 25 May, the FNV will present its pay demands to the employers, Actiz and Zorghuisnl, as part of a national action in Utrecht. Meanwhile, in the mental health sector the union, along with NU’91, is pushing for a pay offer to cover the surge in inflation, although the current collective agreement runs to the end of 2024. A petition backing the restoration of purchasing power for mental health workers received over 10000 signatures in a few days and will add to the pressure on the employers, GGZ, to respond to union demands at the next meeting set for 11 May.

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