Union signs new agreement in housing and property management


Municipal services union Kommunal has negotiated a new two-year collective agreement with the Fastigo employers’ organisation that covers municipal and other housing and property management services. The agreement runs from 1 May 2023 until 30 April 2025. The main salary increases are on average SEK 1207 (€108) from 1 May 2023 and SEK 1035 (€92) from 1 May 2024. The minimum wage rates in the agreement will increase by SEK 1350 (€121) to SEK 26160 (€2336) in May 2023 – around 5.4% while the 2024 increase of SEK 1035 (€92) will take the rate to SEK 27195 (€2429) – an increase of around 4%. Allowances and other supplements will increase by 4.1% in 2023 and by 3.3% in 2024. The agreement includes improved terms of leave that now also include registered partners and grandparents. Security linked to pregnancy allowance has also been strengthened.

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