Union negotiates two-year agreement in private care


The FOA trade union and the Danish Chamber of Commerce have agreed a two-year renewal of the collective agreement for employees private care covering also residential homes and nursing homes for the first time. The hourly wage increases by DKK 6 (€0.80) as of 1 March and there will be a further increase of DKK 5.75 (€0.77) per hour on 1 March 2024. FOA made a point of securing a flat-rate increase for all employees. This will mean that a social and health assistant on day duty can will get a monthly salary increase of just over DKK 3,600 (€485) when the full effect of the collective agreement is phased in. The agreement gives unskilled workers the right to take vocational training with full normal pay after two years of employment. The agreement will be put to a vote of members, once approved by the FOA executive.

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