Union action secures another pensions success in childcare


Following a successful strike over pensions at the PBL employers’ organisation, the Fagforbundet trade union has managed to secure improved occupational pensions for employees in kindergartens covered by the NHO Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise. The four-week strike in NHO companies ended on 17 March with negotiations guaranteeing that the portion of public subsidies intended for pension purposes will be fully applied and that savings rates for pensions will also be guaranteed rather than varying from one kindergarten to another. The deal also means that employers are not tempted to switch agreements to cut pension costs. The union will continue to work to secure a lifelong pension in line with other public and private kindergartens. In addition to the agreement on pensions, there will be a general pay increase of NOK 7,800 (€695) from 1 May and minimum wage rates will be raised to the same level as PBL kindergartens from 1 January.  

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