Health union secures substantial pay deals


On 20 March, following warning strikes around the country in February, the vida trade union managed to negotiate a collective agreement for private hospitals with a 10.56% wage increase and €2000 minimum monthly wage. The increase takes effect on 1 July along with a cut in working time to 39 hours per week. The minimum increase for full-time employment is €180 and part-time employees will see pay increase by 9.56% and allowances by 7.53%. Employees will also get a €1600 net payment in four instalments by 30 June. Pay for apprentices will increase from 1 July to €815 in the first, €925 in the second, €1055 in the third and €1180 in the fourth year and they will receive a one-off payment of €1,000 net, divided over four months. Vida has also secured a 9.3% pay increase for workers in private spa and rehabilitation companies, with an 8.6% increase on allowances and additional monthly payment of €250 between April and September this year.

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