Three-year deal in public residential care


On 3 March the FSS-CCOO and FeSP-UGT federations signed a new three-year collective agreement covering around 300,000 workers in the public residential care sector. The agreement runs until 31 December 2025 and was secured after negotiations lasting for almost five years. It includes salary increases of 4% this year and 2.5% in both 2024 and 2025. A salary update clause means that there could be additional adjustments depending on developments in inflation. There will an hours reduction calculated on an annual basis with an 8-hour cut in 2024 and a further cut of 12 hours in 2025. Improvements to paid time off as a result of workplace accidents or disease will mean that workers be paid for 180 days starting at 100% for the first 90 days, 95% for the next 30 days and 90% for the remaining 60 days.

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