Union pushing for pay increases for workers in disability and elder care


The FNV trade union organised a national action on 25 May in their campaign to secure a 10% pay rise in 2023 for workers who provide support to people with disabilities. This would be in addition to the pay increases that apply in the existing agreement that runs to the end of January 2024. However, the VGN employer’s organisation made only slight changes to its previous offer that would provide for a 10% increase but over two years. The FNV argues that the employers have wasted by making very minor changes to the offer. The union is also disappointed that the 4% pay increase the employer promises for 2024 would be the only change and that other important working conditions would not be addressed including an increase in travel costs and other allowances and measures to reduce the burden on older workers. Meanwhile, the FNV used a national action in Utrecht to launch its demand for an additional 15% pay increase (minimum €400 a month) for the 470,000 employees in the elderly care sector. The union also wants more action to reduce workloads and recruit and retain employees.

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