Series of pay deals for private sector childcare workers


EPSU affiliates Fagforbundet and Delta, along with other unions, have been involved in negotiating a series of similar pay deals for workers covered by different private sector collective agreements. Assistants and skilled workers in the PBL group of kindergartens got a NOK 25800 (€2200) addition on annual salaries while teachers and education leaders received NOK 30000 (€2560). The overall cost increase of 5.4% is in line with the public sector increase. A 5.4% rise will also cover childcare facilities run by Norlandia which has moved to the agreement negotiated by the Spekter employers’ organisation. A committee will be looking at harmonisation of rates following the company’s transition to the new agreement. Kindergartens covered by the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) agreement will see an increase of NOK 10.50 (€0.90) per hour, NOK 20475 (€1750) per year. And finally workers covered by the FUS agreement will get a general increase of at least NOK 25800 (€2200) with NOK 26300 (€2245) for skilled workers with full seniority.

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