Unions achieve major pay increases in care sector


Care sector unions in the CCOO and UGT confederations have managed to negotiate substantial pay increases for social care workers in the first collective agreement covering residential and day-centre care in the Balearic islands. The agreement covers around 4000 workers and provides for pay increases of more than 41% staged over the next four years, 22.42% from June 2023, 5.81% from June 2024, 5% from June 2025 and 3.86% from June 2026. The increases will bring workers in line with pay levels in the regional authority. There will also be an 18-hour reduction in working hours (7 hours in 2024, 7 hours in 2025 and 4 hours in 2026) and two additional days of paid leave. The agreement is with the AESTE non-profit organisation and support and funding from the regional authority was key to the deal.

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