Bargaining stalled in hospitals, further action in municipalities


The FNV and NU’91 trade unions have rejected what the NVZ hospital employers have suddenly claimed is their final offer in the negotiations covering 200,000 health service workers. The offer is for a pay rise of 13% over two years but implemented as 5% in February 2023, 5% in December 2023 and 3% in September 2024. This not only falls below the unions’ call for an immediate 10% increase but FNV and NU’91 also strongly reject the employers’ proposals on allowances related to travel and short-notice shift changes. Members will be consulted over the offer and possible action in response. Meanwhile, the dispute in municipalities continues with industrial action in Utrecht in the first week of February and further action planned around the country. Museum workers are also highlighting their protests following the breakdown in negotiations there.

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