Warning strikes help deliver pay rises for regional government workers


The ver.di trade union has begun to consult members over the deal reached on 9 December with regional government employers after a third round of bargaining. The agreement is comparable to that covering federal and municipal workers and includes a tax-free lump sum of €3,000, which will be paid as a one-off amount of €1,800 in December 2023, followed by monthly payments of €120 between January and October 2024. On 1 November 2024, monthly salaries will be increased by €200 and then increased again by 5.5% on 1 February 2025 (with the guarantee of a minimum increase of €340). Ver.di believes that the mobilisation of regional workers in the course of the negotiations were vital to securing the agreement, with 70,000 involved in warning strikes and rallies in the days leading up to the final bargaining round. The agreement runs from 1 October 2023 to 31 October 2025 and includes some extra provisions for specific staff, including health workers in prison services, student employees and workers in social and educational services, among others. The agreement will also be applied at the same time to all civil servants working in regional government.  

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