Unions determined to fight attack on right to strike


On 9 December, the TUC trade union confederation organised its first special congress since 1982 to discuss its strategy to fight the government’s attack on the right to strike. EPSU affiliates in the UK are particularly affected by the new minimum services level legislation which could mean that workers who lawfully vote to strike, could be forced to attend work and even sacked if they don’t comply. The TUC says that one in five workers in Britain – 5.5 million people – the vast majority in public services, are at risk of losing their right to strike as a result of the Strikes Act. In a country that already has some of the most restrictive trade union laws in Europe, the TUC argues that not only is the legislation unfair but unworkable, undemocratic and almost certainly in breach of international law. Some public service employers have said the law will poison industrial relations and drag out disputes.

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