Union challenges government over representation rules


The SDLSN is calling on the government to change the rules on representativeness for civil service pay negotiations. The union is involved in various working groups that are discussing the new pay structure for the public sector but it is concerned that the current rules on representativeness exclude it, and other trade unions, from the formal negotiations. It argues that only the police trade union meets the representativeness criterion for the main negotiations leaving many areas of the civil service without proper trade union representation as the SDLSN and other unions fall below the threshold. The union has also raised concerns about the new proposals on how employees will be evaluated in the new system and what this will mean for their salary supplements. The SDLSN says the criteria for evaluating civil servants are still unknown and there is also a question of what happens if more than the anticipated 5% of workers deserve the highest grade. It is also challenging the proposal that an employee that fails to achieve the minimum rating is immediately served with a dismissal notice.

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