Energy workers get 10% which is also target in provincial government


The FNV trade union has negotiated a new agreement in the energy network sector covering around 17,500 employees which will deliver a pay increase of at least 10% over the next 18 months and a minimum wage of €16 an hour. As of 1 January 2024, employees will receive a wage increase of at least 7% but with a minimum of €275 for workers on the lower wage scales. There will be a further increase of 3% next year. Other benefits include six weeks of parental leave on full pay and improvements to early retirement and the social plan on restructuring. In addition, employers will pay a one-off allowance of €120 to both existing and new members of the union which the FNV sees as a good way of recognising its role in negotiating the agreement that covers all workers. Meanwhile, the union is preparing for next month’s negotiations in provincial government where it will be demanding a salary increase of €100 per month; a 10% increase in all wages and allowances; introduction of automatic price compensation and an increase of the minimum hourly wage to €16.

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