Council workers in action as union finalises deal for health technicians


Members of the STAL local government union are mobilising for a busy end to the year with a series of actions to push for improved pay and conditions. In Coimbra there is a long-running strike related to special payments for workers in municipal swimming pools while transport workers are demanding decent facilities for drivers and are on strike on 14-15 December. Municipal workers in Almada will mobilise on 21 December over pay and the cost of living while waste workers take action on 22, 23 and 26 December in Oeiras against unilateral changes to shifts and working time. Finally, workers at the Maiambiente waste company are taking action from 25 December to 1 January, demanding the negotiation of a company agreement, a 35-hour week and respect of the right to union membership. Meanwhile, the SINTAP trade union has welcomed the creation of the new occupational category of auxiliary health technician. Around 24000 workers who are currently classified as operational assistants and supervisors will transfer to the new category and will move up the pay structure and should benefit from an increase of around €100 a month. This has been a longstanding demand of SINTAP.

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