Unions mobilise in public sector and private health


Following the strike action on 17 November, the Fp-Cgil, Uil-Pa and Uil-Fpl trade union federations were set to organise a national protest outside the Ministry of Economy and Finance on 7 December. The unions are calling on the government to change the budget law for 2024 to ensure funding for renewing collective agreements and providing protection for workers’ purchasing power. They also highlight the failure of the government to tackle staff shortages or make any preparation for the fact that around 700,000 workers are due to retire by the year 2030. Meanwhile, both Fp-Cgil and Uil-Fpl, along with Cisl-Fp, are also involved in a dispute with the Aris private health care employers’ organisation. Aris has refused to negotiate a bridging agreement to allow for interim pay increases to protect workers’ purchasing power and is also blocking the move to an overall private health agreement that would include the Aiop employers’ organisation.

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