Regional government workers mobilise before next negotiations


Public service union ver.di is mobilising to put pressure on the regional government employers in the lead up to the next round of collective bargaining on 7-8 December. Workers at university and psychiatric hospitals, educational and social institutions, universities, road and water management, theatres, courts and other services are involved in one-day warning strikes. The employers have yet to come up with a pay offer in response to the trade union demands for a 10.5% pay increase with minimum of €500. The negotiations cover 1.1 million public employees and ver.di will be pushing for the results to be applied immediately to 1.4 million civil servants in regional government. Ver.di members in the AOK statutory welfare organisations are also organising warning strikes in the lead up to the next negotiations on 8 December. The second round of collective bargaining for the approximately 60,000 employees ended without a result. Ver.di is demanding a 12.5% pay increase with at least €575 more per month.

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