Over 9% pay increase for workers in public sector and private health


Following a third round of bargaining the younion and GÖD trade unions are pleased to have negotiated pay rises of between 9.71% and 9.15% for public sector workers with a minimum increase of €192. Pay additions and allowances will also rise by 9.15%. This is the highest increase for many years and the unions believe that along with the compensation for the recent surge in inflation, there is also recognition by employers that action is needed to tackle the staff shortages affecting most public services. There is also an acknowledgement of the extra efforts made by workers as they shoulder the extra work created by staff vacancies. Meanwhile, the vida and GPA trade unions have sealed an agreement covering 130,000 workers in private health and social care that delivers a 9.2% pay increase and minimum monthly salary of €2067.40. There are also improvements to allowances and other payments, including overtime, and improved credits for periods of service in previous employment.

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