Union welcomes increases in minimum wages for care workers


The ver.di trade union has welcomed the recommendation of the Care Commission to increase minimum wages for long-term care workers but the union also calls for more measures to ensure decent pay in the sector, particularly the negotiation of comprehensive collective agreements, as essential for trying to address the major staff shortages. The three hourly wage rates (skilled, one-year trained and semi/unskilled) will increase by between 6.8% and 9.5% in May 2024 and then by 3.9% to 5.1% in May 2025. So from May 2025 skilled workers will earn at least €20.50 per hour, one-year trained employees €17.35 and unskilled and semi-skilled assistants €16.10. On the basis of a 39-hour week gross monthly pay will be €3476, €2,942 or €2,730. In contrast, the national minimum wage is currently €12 an hour, rising to €12.41 in January 2024 and then €12.82 in January 2025.

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