Alliance of public sector health unions sets out key demands


The GÖD and younion trade unions have formed a nationwide alliance for public health, calling on the federal government to act quickly and decisively to prevent the burnout of the public health system and above all to tackle the shortage of skilled workers across all occupational groups. The unions estimate an overall shortfall of around 26000 full-time workers. Their main demands include: adapting services to the number of employees by establishing reliable rosters to reduce the risk of overwork; applying a tax exemption on pay from the 32nd hour of the working week as a short-term measure to increase the reward for overtime work until new staff can be recruited; recruit and then employ more trainees while ensuring adequate funding for their pay and education; change the arduous work regulations to ensure all employees are covered and negotiate a gradual reduction of working hours from 40 to 37.5 and then 35 hours a week. Both unions said they were ready to fight for their demands and would ask their members whether they were willing to protest and strike in the autumn if there was no serious commitment to negotiate by the federal government.

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