Federation calls for action to prevent assaults on prison staff


The FSC-CCOO trade union federation has attacked prison service management for the long-term failure to address the growing problem of violence against staff which has risen to historic highs. The union argues that the only measure taken in recent years was an action protocol that provides a response to attacks once they’ve happened but with no serious attempt to prevent violence in the first place. The FSC-CCOO cites the latest official statistics for the year 2022, which show that acts of physical aggression per thousand prisoners increased by 19% compared to 2021 and by over 110% since 2010. The union says that management has failed to examine the reasons for violence, to consider measures to avoid attacks or implement anything concrete. The union itself has proposed measures based on prevention, protection and support for victims of violence at work that involve proper risk assessment, protection of the right to health of the prison population, especially in the area of mental health, provision of personal protective equipment appropriate to the risks faced and psychological and legal support for victims of aggression.

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