Government agrees to negotiate public sector agreement


The public service federations in the UGT and CCOO confederations welcome the fact that their demands for public sector pay negotiations have been agreed by the government. The unions want a multiannual agreement that allows for the maintenance of purchasing power and, in particular, an increase this year on top of the 2% pay increase imposed by the government. CCOO and UGT want to see action to correct the long-term decline in purchasing power across the public sector, with foreign service personnel, for example not seeing an increase for 14 years. The unions want to ensure that the new agreement will cover a range of long-standing demands, such as the implementation of the 35-hour working week, the development and updating of key statutes covering public sector workers, including on equality issues. CCOO and UGT also want to see action on employment (an end to restrictions on replacing staff) and measures to address career development, promotion and professional classification. The unions have already indicated that they are ready to mobilise their members if the negotiations fail to deliver.

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