Health union says care employers not abiding by agreement


The health and social care federation, FSS-CCOO, is closely monitoring companies in the care sector to expose those that fail to apply the salary increase of 6.5% from January 2022, in line with an earlier court ruling. The union has denounced the companies for their treatment of care workers and the wage freeze imposed since 2020, despite the provisions of the agreement. The union also points out that even with 6.5% wage increase, some workers will still be left on pay rates below the minimum wage – a situation made much worse by soaring prices. FSS-CCOO underlines that this only goes to deepen the staff crisis in the sector as workers leave for higher pay and greater security in other jobs. There will be a further court hearing on 28 September when the union will push for stricter measures to get the employers to implement the pay increase.

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