Union expresses concern over government funding plans for prisons


The FNV trade union is warning that government funding plans for prison services will have a major negative impact on staff and inmates. A recent report by consultants PwC says that an additional €398 million is needed to adequately finance services over the next 10 years. In response the government says it does not want to invest more than €170 million and so is effectively proposing a cut of €200 million. The FNV argues that the government approach will have serious implications for work pressure and safety. The union says that there have been staff shortages and high workloads for years along with problems with buildings maintenance. The FNV adds that almost every week there are major incidents. The austerity measures now put forward by the government will only worsen the situation, putting further pressure on staff when what’s need are measures to reduce workloads and improve safety. The FNV is planning meetings for prison staff around the country in September and doesn’t rule out some form of action to campaign against the cuts.

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