Union secures another agreement on staff and workloads


Thanks to warning strikes and other actions by members, health and care union ver.di has negotiated an agreement with the University Hospital of Frankurt/Main that will ensure more staff and reduced workloads. This makes it the 23rd facility where such an agreement has been reached and negotiations are taking place or being prepared in other hospitals, including the University Hospital in Dresden and the privately run University Hospital of Giessen and Marburg. The agreement in Frankfurt/Main covers approximately 4,000 non-medical employees and stipulates shift staffing in line with the PPR 2.0 and PPP-RL personnel assessment systems, the former having been developed by ver.di, the German Hospital Association and German Nursing Council for ward care in acute care clinics. If employees have to work several times in understaffed shifts or otherwise stressful situations, they receive additional days off as stress compensation. In non-nursing areas, a total increase in personnel of 70 additional full-time positions is planned. Ver.di hopes that its successes in collective bargaining will give a clear signal to the federal government that it needs to adopt needs-based staffing targets for all hospitals.

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