Public sector and other pay negotiations under way


The annual negotiations on public sector pay began on 20 October with the younion and GÖD public sector unions endorsing the key data that will form the basis of the negotiations. As with  past negotiations the agreement is to apply the inflation rate for the year to September 2022 and this is 6.9%. The other key figure agreed is the 4.75% economic growth rate for 2022. The negotiations are normally concluded before the end of the year so that the pay increase can be applied from 1 January. The union side have not yet put forward a specific demand on the level of the pay increase. The next round of negotiations will take place on 11 November. This is also the date of the next round of negotiations in religious hospitals where the vida services union is looking for a pay rise of €500 a month. Vida is also involved in the private health and social care negotiations along with the GPA where unions are looking for a pay rise of 15%. The next negotiations are due on 16 November.

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