Survey shows massively increased workload for emergency medical services


A survey by the health and services union ver.di has revealed that the already high burden on employees in the emergency medical service has increased significantly since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Around 7,000 workers replied to the questionnaire with 39% saying they would change professions immediately if they had the opportunity. There are serious problems with working hours, work intensity, physical and psychological stress and risk of physical assaults. Almost all respondents reported problems balancing work and private life. Staff shortages mean that 61% of employees are (very) often unable to take their legally prescribed breaks or cannot take them completely. Of those over the age of 55, almost half also go to work sick and 84% assume that they will not last until retirement age under the current conditions. Ver.di is calling for urgent action particularly on long working hours. The union has managed to negotiate lower hours in the collective agreement for the Red Cross and is looking for similar measures in the public service.

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