Nurses’ unions agree settlement with municipal employers


The Tehy and SuPer trade unions have agreed to a mediated settlement to their long-running dispute with municipal employers that includes pay developments over five years, COVID compensation payments and other improvements to working conditions. The average salary in the health and social services sector will increase by at least 17.3% over five years, with an increase of 15.3% in the first three years. There will be a separate one-off payment of €600 for those who involved in treating COVID patients. The unions say that a practical nurse will see their salary rise from the current €2,255 to over €2,600 and that of a nurse from €2,625 to over €3,000. There are also changes to leave entitlement and a working group will be set up to develop well-being at work and improvements to working conditions. The unions see this as overall a positive outcome in the fact of the government action to change the law to make industrial action in the sector more difficult.

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