Pay rises for public sector and health workers as hospital workers strike


The younion and GÖD public sector unions have negotiated a 7.15% pay rise from 1 January next year with a 7.32% increase on allowances. However, the minimum guaranteed increase of €170 a month wiil mean that the lowest paid workers will see pay rise by 9.41%. Meanwhile, the vida and GPA private services unions  have concluded a new collective agreement covering 130,000 employees in the private health, social and care sector. The two unions welcomed the 8% wage increase from 1 January 2023 along with the guaranteed minimum rise of €175 a month that means an increase of 10.2% for the lowest paid workers. Vida is also negotiating in religious hospitals and called a warning strike on 23 November in the six religious hospitals in Vienna. Earlier mobilisations by vida members had helped push the employers to negotiate but their offer was for lump sum increases which would have meant a monthly increase of only €53 for a nurse with 10 years’ service, for example. The union is demanding a €500 per month increase for all workers. EPSU sent a solidarity message.

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