Unions to consult members over pay coordination plan


The LO, mainly blue-collar workers’ trade union confederation, has put specific figures to its proposed pay coordination formula that it has drafted for the pay bargaining round in early 2023 with a key aim of supporting lower paid workers. The general pay claim would be for a 4.4% increase but with a minimum increase of SEK 1192 (€110) for those earning less than SEK 27100 (€2500) a month and with an increase of SEK 1371 (€126) on minimum wages in collective agreements. The majority of LO member organisations backed the plan although there are some concerns that the overall target is too low. All LO affiliates will now consult their membership over whether to stick with the figures in a coordinated bargaining arrangement. These include EPSU affiliates Kommunal, SEKO and the transport union.

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