Union mobilises around pay across public services


The vpod/ssp public services trade union is mobilising its members around the country in support of action to secure higher pay. The union is organising a rally in Bern on 18 November where the regional government is proposing a pay rise of only 2% leaving workers with an effective pay cut. A day of strike action has already taken place in Geneva on 12 October and further action is planned for both 3 and 24 November. Vpod/ssp members in Fribourg are demanding a 4% pay rise in the face of the 2.3% on offer. The union is collecting signatures for a petition which will be handed in on 4 December. Other actions planned include a demonstration in Lausanne on 13 October while negotiations continue in Vaud, Neuchâtel and Jura. In Zurich the regional government has proposed a 3.5% pay rise although the union is looking for a 5% pay rise. It is also demanding a higher increase for workers in St.Gallen to catch up on recent inadequate wage increases.

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