Municipal and health unions continue action


The Super and Tehy health unions are maintaining their ban on overtime and shift changes following their rejection of the proposed deal for health and local government. They continue to press for higher pay increases as essential to help tackle the urgent staff shortages in health and social care. Meanwhile, municipal unions JHL and Jyty are also keeping up their industrial action despite their provisional approval of the agreement. They are pushing for the agreement to be finalised and for the expected payments to be made by the summer, arguing that workers could lose out by over €300 if pay increases are delayed to the end of the year. Negotiations are also underway in the private health and care sector where Super and Tehy are looking for pay rises to bridge the gap with the public sector. Research released by the unions shows lower pay and poorer conditions in the private sector are contributing to staff shortages, with survey evidence indicating large numbers of workers considering leaving the sector.

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