Extended mediation finally delivers result for municipal and state workers


Five of the six trade unions in the LO Kommune bargaining group agreed to back the mediation proposal for municipal workers that was finally delivered on 24 May, averting strikes across the sector. The largest union in the sector, Fagforbundet, reported that the agreement would deliver increases on annual salaries of between NOK 12000 (€1165) and NOK 16800 (€1635). The settlement was ahead of that achieved in manufacturing this year, as the unions had pushed for a better deal to allow catching up on the lower settlement in 2021. The agreement also provides for increased night and weekend supplements and further initiatives to ensure that workers have access to full-time work. A last-minute deal was also reached for state sector, again averting planned strike action. It is worth up to 3.84%, with around 30% of this allocated to local negotiations. There is a general increase for all workers, with NOK 10000 (€975) for those in the bottom half of the pay scale and 1.7% for those on the higher grades. There are also changes to the pay structure to ensure faster progress for certain occupations that will have a positive impact on equal pay. New minimum wages will be set for some job categories that will see them move four or more steps up the pay scale. There will a working group set up to address issues around telework. Further information is available from the unions and federations involved in the negotiations, including YS Stat, LO Stat and Unio.

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