State sector agreement finalised as municipal unions impose overtime ban


State sector trade unions have negotiated a two-year agreement which delivers a 2.0% pay increase this year on 1 June for 78000 workers. The agreement runs from 1 March 2022 to 29 February 2024. Negotiations on a pay increase for 2023 will take place late this year with a deadline of 21 December. If that deadline is missed then it will be possible to terminate the agreement. The unions have also managed to get long-sought changes to the rules that apply to the payment of supplementary and overtime pay when the working period or working week is unexpectedly interrupted due to illness or other health-related and unforeseeable reasons. Family leave provisions are also being improved. While the parent giving birth continues to receive a total of 72 working days' salary for family leave, the other parent will now be paid a salary for 18 working days, up from six. Meanwhile unions in the municipal sector have introduced a ban on overtime and shift changes to try to put pressure on employers to come to an agreement.

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