Report exposes staffing problems in elder care


A survey of workers in elder care by the Kommunal municipal services union reveals the worrying extent of staffing problems across the sector. The union underlines that staffing, working conditions, working environment and quality of operations are closely linked and that in order for elderly care to have a sustainable working environment, with the right staffing, profound changes are needed, at all levels of the organization. The report found that 37% of elderly care members believe that staffing is rarely or never sufficient and half of respondents find it difficult to take shorter breaks at least once a week. Some 43% feel physically tired every day after their shift and 37% feel mentally tired every day after work. Thirty-eight percent are very worried and 31% are quite worried that they will not be able to work until the statutory retirement age. Kommunal is calling for increased funding for the sector, national regulations on skills, working conditions and staff density and action on the work environment

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