No offer from employers in childcare negotiations


Negotiations between the ver.di service union and the VKA local government employers’ association took place on 25 February but were suspended with no proposals from the employers on how to improve pay and conditions for workers involved in early years education and social services. The union is concerned that urgent action is needed to deal with the shortage of 173,000 skilled workers in day-care centres alone but the VKA has rejected union proposals to reduce workloads. Ver.di believes that there was a constructive atmosphere in the negotiations but there were no concessions from the employers on the essential points. The union is focusing on three main areas – improvements to working conditions, measures to combat the shortage of skilled workers and the financial recognition of work. Around 330,000 employees in the public sector are covered by the negotiations but many other workers are affected in institutions that implement the results of the negotiations. The next round takes place on 21 and 22 March.

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