Latest on pay in public and non-profit sectors


Fórsa and other public service unions have invoked a review clause in the current public service agreement in response to the surge in inflation. However, pay talks convened by the Workplace Relations Commission ended without agreement as the government proposals fell far short of 2021 inflation and projected 2022 cost-of-living increases. There are no immediate plans to reconvene the talks. The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform had offered supplementary pay rises of just 2.5% for the period 2021-2022, despite expected annual inflation of at least 9% over the two-year period. Another 2.5% was proposed for next year when inflation is expected to be twice that figure. Meanwhile, SIPTU reports that many workers providing a wide range of public services in the non-profit sector are being balloted for strike action over pay. The dispute is a longstanding one with unions angry that the government has not provided the funding that would allow these organisations to keep workers’ pay in line with public sector workers providing the same or similar services.

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