Union members voting on different energy deals


The FNV trade union has negotiated a new collective agreement with the national grid operator TenneT that provides for a 4.3% pay increase over 16 months, backdated to 1 May. The union reports that the negotiations went smoothly, with the employer recognising the need to respond to rising inflation to remain an attractive employer. There is a structural wage increase of 3.1% and a one-off payment of 1.2%. From 2023, TenneT's employees will get 5 May off each year as opposed to enjoying the official holiday only once every five years. The agreement runs from 1 May 2022 to 1 September 2023. In contrast, negotiations in energy production and supply have been more challenging and the employers have submitted a final offer on which FNV members will now vote. The union argued that companies in the sector are doing well and could afford a decent pay rise. The final offer is for a 16-month agreement with a structural wage increase of 2.5% and a nominal increase of €50 gross both from 1 July and both are pensionable and provide a structural increase in salary. There is also a one-off payment of €250 gross. The increase for those on lower pay rates is effectively 5.2%, with an average overall of 4.63%. Union members had until 8 June to vote.

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