Municipal pay deal finalised but health unions maintain dispute


The collective agreement covering the municipal sector has now been finalised and runs from 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2025. EPSU affiliates JHL and Jyty report that salaries will increase this month by €46 per month for those on less than €2300 a month and by 2% for salaries above this amount. Allowances will also increase by 2%. A pot of 0.5% will be distributed in October depending on negotiations in September. If the negotiations don’t produce a result the 0.5% will be a general increase for all. Next year and in 2024 wages will increase by at least 1.5% in June with a further 0.4%, allocated by local negotiations. The increases could be higher depending on what happens in the industrial and export sectors. There is also a five-year wage development programme aiming to tackle staff shortages and pay gaps and this will cover the period 2023-27, with pay rising by 5.1% on top of the negotiated increases. The TEHY and SuPer health unions are maintaining their industrial action (ban on overtime and shift changes) as they have not signed the agreement and are seeking to continue negotiations to secure an additional agreement to cover nurses and other health workers.

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