Pay increases agreed across private health and social care


Trade unions have agreed a new two-year collective agreement in private health care that runs from 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2024. There will be a general 2% increase on 1 October 2022 and a 1.9% pay rise on 1 June 2023. However, if pay developments in industry are higher than 1.9% then the additional amount will be added. The agreement also includes improvements to family leave, sick leave and requires employers to justify the use of fixed-term contracts even for short periods. Two working groups are being set up – one to develop the culture of negotiation and collective bargaining and the other to monitor wage trends to assess how the private sector compares to the public sector. The unions involved in the negotiations include JHL, Tehy, Super and Jyty. The new agreement in private social services covers the same period but only sets a pay increase for 2022 and the agreement may be terminated after one year if a pay increase for 2023 is not confirmed by 15 March 2023. The general increase in 2022 is 2% but 0.8% is added to minimum wage levels. There are improvements to family leave and a number of working groups are being set up to look at wages, well-being, health and safety and protective clothing. Keeping pay in line with the municipal sector is a key aim for the negotiators. JHL, Tehy, Super and Jyty were again involved in the negotiations.

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