Federations insist on public-sector wide negotiations


The FeSP-UGT federation and the public sector unions in the CCOO confederation have strongly restated their calls for urgent negotiations over the pay and conditions of public sector workers. The CCOO union organised a demonstration outside parliament on 14 July while the FeSP-UGT is planning mobilisations in September if the government doesn’t respond. The unions want to see the reversal of cuts imposed during the period of austerity in 2010-12 and a range of improvements including wage increases that ensure recovery of lost purchasing power. Other key demands include an end to the replacement rate that restricts recruitment, boosting recruitment to tackle the ageing of the workforce, a basic working week of 35 hours, full development of equality plans and protocols for sexual and gender-based harassment, measures to improve professional classification and training and action on health and safety and pensions.

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