Civil servants set to get long-awaited pay rise


The public services trade unions from the three main confederations (CSC/ACV, ACOD/CGSP, VSOA/SLFP) have negotiated an agreement that will provide for pay increases and a range of other benefits for the 65,000 workers in the federal government. The agreement still has to be confirmed by the government before being implemented from the beginning of 2023. This will mean the first pay rise for civil servants, over and above the normal indexation, for 20 years. The lower pay scales (D and C) will get a 2% increase in 2023 while the B category will get 2% in 2024. The A category will see pay rise by 1% in 2024 and then 1% in 2025. The agreement also delivers meal vouchers worth just under €5 (net), a €500 end-of-year allowance and progress towards a 13th month salary for the D and C pay categories from 2025. A range of other elements are included such as measures to promote well-being and to make working in the sector more attractive.

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