Pay rises of up to 9% for mental health workers and other news


The FNV, along with other trade unions, has negotiated a three-year deal for around 100,000 mental health workers that provides for pay increases of up to 9% and a minimum increase of €60 a month. There is a 2% pay increase each year plus a change to the pay structure that equates to overall increases of 7%-9%. There are also improvements to call-out and rest arrangements, a €2-a-day working-from-home allowance and reduced working time for those within four years of retirement. Union members will now vote on the offer. Meanwhile, there has been progress in the nursing home and home care sector where unions are negotiating a wholly revised collective agreement which will include new provisions that will make working time more predictable and guarantee rest and recovery periods. The aim is to finalise the agreement by March and backdate it to 1 January. Unfortunately, no progress has been made in the hospital sector where negotiations have broken down with the employer offering an increase of 1.75% (minimum increase of €70 a month) over 18 months and €250 lump sum. The unions say this wouldn’t even compensate for the expected 3.8% inflation in 2022.

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