Health insurance workers take action


Service union ver.di organised warning strikes in the statutory health insurance providers, AOK and BARMER on 8 February. The aim was to put pressure on the employers during negotiations that cover around 75,000 employees in the two companies. For workers in AOK ver.di is demanding a 5.9% increase and a minimum rise of €200 in a 12-month agreement. The employer wants a 24-month agreement with only a lump sum of €800 in March 2022 and a 1.2% in January 2023. Ver.di is also concerned that there are moves to exclude one AOK region from coverage of the agreement and is challenging the unilateral dismantling of collective bargaining. At BARMER, ver.di is calling for a 3.8% increase with a €150 minimum and a simultaneous reduction in working hours by one hour with full wage compensation. The employer’s first over was a lump sum of €1000 and a 2.3% increase in January 2023 in a 27-month agreement. A cut in working time was rejected.

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